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TranslateFlow – Your reliable translation and localization solution provider!

About Us

TranslateFlow was founded by a group of senior experts in the localization industry

  • Focus on IT, internet and game industries for more than 10 years

  • Agile process ensures you to launch the product faster

  • We can help you localize your products into more than 80 languages and nations

  • More than 500 professionals from Internet and game verticals in our team

  • One-stop solution that promotes efficiency and communication cost saving


TranslateFlow as a leading language service provider specialized in Internet and game industry, we “take quick response to your needs, equip you to face the challenges, while allowing you to focus on your core business and brand building”. Based on our experiences through the years, we have established a tried and tested philosophy of “localization flow”.


Our Customers

TranslateFlow helps our customers to achieve the success of the global market.