Game industry

In the era of globalization, the one in the lead always takes the lion’s share.

For localization projects of Internet and game products, how to acquire the information needed, within limited space (screen) and in the manner most familiar to clients? How will the core features be presented, after the gaps in culture and policy in the target country have been taken into overall consideration? To cope with these issues, TranslateFlow, as a localization expert, needs cooperation from you, the product expert!

We believe that the success of a localization project lies in four aspects: resources, process, technology and project management.

  • Resources

    Selecting the right resources is critical to the success of a project. TranslateFlowalways seek to do the right job by the right person who:
     • Is from the client industry and familiar with the characteristics and content of client products
     • Has the target language as his native languages
     • Has the required competence to do the translation.

  • Process

    As a leader of “localization flow”, TranslateFlow organizes the localization translation and testing efficiently and organically, on the basis of the inherent features in the client product/content, so that our translation period is 30% shorter when compared with traditional translation process.

  • Technology

    TranslateFlow makes effective use of advanced tools, such as abstraction of repeating terms and language check tools, to abstract the jargons and to complete the consistency check, so as to ensure the service quality and to cut down the project period. We also use computer-aided translation management tools to build client-specific translation memories which help to cut down the costs by nearly 40% in product updating.

  • Project Management

    TranslateFlow takes “client tailored services” as our guiding rules in services. All TranslateFlow’s project managers, as the liaison officer of projects, stick to consistent quality and service standards, regardless of the variation in project periods, content and format. Without proper project management, it is hardly possible to organize the resources, process and technologies, no matter how outstanding they may be. TranslateFlow provides consistently best services to our clients by carrying out effective and efficient project management.