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Language and thought that "Powerise customers to create customized service" as our service standard, because each client's project, because of the market cycle, content, format are different, how to ensure whether the project factors change, project quality and service standards unchanged is the language interface for all people Powerise project the manager will think.

  • Translation

    With extensive experiences, support for more than 150 languages and a wide of number of linguists all over the world, we offer professional translation and localization services to help you with any translation and localization services you need.


    TranslateFlow provides expert translation & localization for any documents in any file format and any language. Our experienced team provides full services translation and localization solution into 150+ languages including game text, UI strings, user manuals, online help, eLearning modules, software UI and more. We handle all major file formats including FrameMaker, Indesign, Office even scanned or handwritten documents.


    We believe the best way to ensure great quality is to use the best professional translation teams.  TranslateFlow maintains strong relationships with thousands of professional linguists all over the world. We also have in internal professional translation team to review the original translations and check them for things like tag issues, translation errors, inconsistencies, grammar and readability. Our ISO 9001 driven quality assurance process guarantees all of our work.


    TranslateFlow can also offer the capabilities to meet your multilingual challenges:
     • Rush Turnaround Times
     • High-Volume Requests
     • Highly Technical Materials
     • Certified Documents

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  • Interpretation

    Consecutive Interpretation

    TranslateFlow offers consecutive interpretation services in over 100 languages. Commonly used in small group settings, our consecutive interpreters maintain strict standards of professionalism and possess exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to help facilitate interactions between two and more languages.


    Simultaneous Interpretation

    Basically used for large conferences or meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are required, simultaneous interpretation is a much more complex process than consecutive interpretation. Interpreters sit in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker through a headset, and speak the translation into a microphone, which is wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn by audience members.


    Escort Interpretation

    In escort interpreting, the interpreter is there to interpret (or orally translate) everything that a client says into the target language and also to interpret everything else that is said from that foreign language into the client’s language. Escort interpreting is typically more informal than the other forms of interpreting, and may be performed via simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, depending on the situation. The escort interpreter is there to make sure that the client(s) and those interacted with understand everything that is being said.


    Telephone Interpretation

    TranslateFlow provides over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services in over 100 languages, allowing you to overcome any language barrier in seconds. We enable our clients to communicate in their mother languages at any time and any place.

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  • DTP Service

    Desktop publishing (abbreviated DTP) is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a personal computer primarily for print. Desktop publishing software can generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and images comparable to traditional typography and printing. This technology allows individuals, businesses, and other organizations to self-publish a wide range of printed matter. Desktop publishing is also the main reference for digital typography. When used skillfully, desktop publishing allows the user to produce a wide variety of materials, from menus to magazines and books, without the expense of commercial printing.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in localized products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers; which ISO 9000 defines as "part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled". This defect prevention in quality assurance differs subtly from defect detection and rejection in quality control, and has been referred to as a shift left as it focuses on quality earlier in the process.

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  • Testing

    Professional Products, App and Website Testing Services.

    Testing is a vital to ensure your products, websites and multimedia perform consistently across languages, operating systems, browsers, and devices.

    TranslateFlow can help you improve quality, speed time-to-market, and reduce costs with our tailored of testing services for products, apps and websites, including regression testing, software testing, and performance testing.

    With TranslateFlow as your partner, you can better understand the local end-user experience with a solution, gain insight for future offerings, and improve the overall quality of the products you deliver to targeting market.

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  • BPO

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider. The main advantage of any BPO is the way in which it helps increase a company's flexibility. With TranslateFlow’s BOP solutions, our end clients can concentrate their efforts on their own business.

    Service Process

Service process

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